Monthly Archives: November 2020

New WordPress Template Kit BlockchainBase

What is a WordPress Template Kit? The past few weeks we have been working on a special template kit solution around the latest era of WordPress innovation. Many of you may have read about the new way of WordPress Website development that lives around WordPress Template Kits. In the past most WordPress websites that followed […]

Release U-Columns WordPress Theme for WordPress 5

We have released the latest version of the U-Columns WordPress theme. We originally developed U-Columns back in 2013 long before our company was founded. But we recently decided to revive the U-Columns WordPress Theme and to add amazing new features that were never supported in the past. U-Columns is a light-weighted and ultra flexible WordPress […]

Launches WordPress Services at MUXE BV

Today is a great day, we have launched our official WordPress Services & Products website. We had planned this for quite some time and decided to dedicate a lot of extra time to this website. Our experience in the fields of WordPress exceed over 15 years of experience and with our daily involvement in the […]