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U-Columns is a light-weighted and ultra flexible WordPress Directory Theme that allows you to create your own multiple column directory websites within minutes. U-Columns comes with a complete theme option customisation panel that allows you to modify the display of the layout very precisely. a harmonious fluid grid using a mobile-first approach, and impeccable polish in every details.

You are not allowed to Copy, modify, share or redistribute this license in anyway: You may install U-Columns on one website per purchase only. As long as you comply with some copyright notice and disclaimer requirements you are allowed to use this theme.

Those requirements are that you may publish one website per purchased license at https://wordpress.muxe.io.

Modifications / derivative works is not allowed
You may not modify the Program or any part or distribute this product in any way.
You agree that you are prohibited from sharing, redistributing, modifying or selling this product in any way.

Installation & setup

This installation guide is for people who have purchased the U-Columns WordPress Theme.  After you have purchased U-Columns WordPress Theme you can download the Zip Package at the url below: 

Purchase U-Columns Download U-Columns

Unzip the files and open up the folder that contains the files of the U-Columns WordPress Theme. The Zip file contains multiple folders that contain demo content, branding designs, theme files and more. Assuming you have already installed WordPress go to Appearance > Upload the U-Columns.zip and Activate the U-Columns WordPress Theme. 

You can also upload the theme via Ftp or Cpanel / Direct Admin. In this case locate the
wp-content folder > Themes and upload the U-columns folder (not the zip file). 

Plugins you need to install for U-Columns WordPress Theme

Make sure you download and install the following plugins in order to successfully activate the U-Columns WordPress Theme.

Plugin Optiontree
Download link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/option-tree/

Plugin Metabox
Download link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/meta-box/

Without these plugins the WordPress U-Columns theme does not function properly so make sure to activate the plugins before you continue with the next steps.





After Installation of U-Columns

U-Columns is a WordPress theme that was based on the Optiontree and Metabox theme development kits. Without the installation of these plugins when U-Columns is activated as theme the frontend is completely invisible. Make sure that you have installed these plugins to ensure U-Columns will work.

U-Columns setup after installation

The U-Columns theme will only be visible incase you have installed the plugin Option tree and Meta Box as mentioned during the Installation & Setup explanation tab .

Incase you have an empty webpage/ black screen

Should you instead of this see a total black screen then you have not installed the plugin Option Tree and the plugin Meta Box. Make sure you install these plugins most of the support questions we receive is about this topic specifically.

Configuration of U-Columns

After you have completed the installation and setup of the U-Columns WordPress Theme. In case you are going to use one of our presets demo content setups you can go to the tools section of WordPress then click on the Import button and select Import WordPress. There you can upload one of the Demo Content presets that we have pre-packed in the Zip file.

After you have installed the demo content preset or in case you are not going to use a demo content preset you can go to appearance > Theme options. This is where you can modify every aspect of the U-Columns WordPress Theme. There are over 1000 different setting combination possibilities with the U-Columns WordPress Theme. 

In the WordPress Backend Sidebar there is a menu option called Links. This is where you can create content sections for the U-Columns WordPress Theme. Every post that you create in the Links section will be displayed as one Column on the frontpage. You have to make sure that the homepage is based on latest posts which you can choose at the settings > read tab in the left menu in the WordPress Backend. 


Setup of Columns

The Columns can easily be created via the Links section in the WordPress Backend Sidebar Menu. Depending on the setup that you have in mind there are very little to no limitations with the U-Columns WordPress Theme Columns. Whether you are making a url directory, a photography portfolio or an Ecommerce Sell Wall. 

U-Columns has a wide variety of combination possibilities and the Columns itself can be fully customized via simple text, custom html or with the Elementor Page Builder sine U-Columns V2.5. Our traditional U-Columns setup are simply using bullet lists to create the URL Directory Structure. 

 <li><a href=”siteurl”>U-Columns WordPress Theme</a></li>
 <li><a href=”siteurl”>U-Columns WordPress Directory</a></li>
 <li><a href=”siteurl”>U-Columns Directory Solution</a></li>
 <li><a href=”siteurl”>U-Columns URL Directory</a></li>
 <li><a href=”siteurl”>U-Columns Theme Options</a></li>

It is also possible to directly upload photos inside a Column to create a similar effect like the U-Columns Pinterlike Demo:

Another option is to edit the U-Columns WordPress Theme Columns with the Elementor Page Builder.
In order to do this you need to make sure that you have installed the Elementor Page Builder.

Customization of U-Columns

The Customization panel of U-Columns counts many variation possibilities. In the video below you can review a few of these options. We will continue to update the video documentations.