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MUXE BV is a leading organisation in the modern WordPress Template Kits innovation. We provide the most unique and stable WordPress Template Kits, Themes & Plugins.

What is a WordPress Template Kit?

You may have never heard of a WordPress Template Kit just yet, so what is so interesting about a WordPress Template Kit in the first place?
Basically a WordPress Template Kit is a collection of pre-designed starter templates for a WordPress Site Builder Plugin. A combination of cohesive visual styles, elements, wireframes and specific art or data can easily be imported into a website that is using a particular WordPress Site Builder Plugin such as elementor.In order to get started all you need is the WordPress Page Builder and the Template Kit Plugin to start importing.

WordPress Elementor template kits

MUXE BV is a leading organisation when it comes to the development of WordPress Elementor Template Kits. Our experts and team members have build websites on the WordPress Framework for over 20 years and combine atleast 120 years of WordPress experience all together.

Our goal is to simplify the process of website building on the WordPress framework. WordPress Themes used to be the number 1 solution to build a professional WordPress website in a short period of time. However with the new Template Kit Solution for WordPress you will never need a theme again when it comes to a quick solution for your WordPress website.

Consider WordPress Template Kits By Us

With more then 40 professional and heavily experienced WordPress developers in our internal network we provide the highest quality WordPress Template Kit solutions. All our Template Kits include every webpage element that you need to settle in with your new website. We also provide 24/7 support when it comes to solving the problems that you are facing with one of our purchased WordPress Template Kits.

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Super Fast Design process With
WordPress Template Kits

Template Kits were developed to build WordPress websites easier, faster, lighter, safer but most important of all. WordPress Template Kits are simply a better solution to manage your WordPress Website in 2020.

Technologies that we adopt for our WordPress Template Kit Solutions